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Won't grow up

Awkward... awkward... awkward
I'm babyfurlyfe, but call me Ely (pronounced EE-lie) I'm bi if you were wondering... awkward...


Kray being lovey-dovey then... going somewhere more private (¬‿¬ )

I will always remember the first day we met, the sweetest memories.

“第一次 我遇见你 到现在还在回忆 那甜蜜记录回忆”

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Exo scolding fans and caring about them at the same time

Chen: The most important thing for today is everyone safety. Please do not get hurt and cheer for us!

Suho: It looks very dangerous now. Shall we just cancel today’s performance? If you want to keep watching the performance please keep safe.

DO: Everyone, your safety is important, please keep order. Please don’t push, you shouldn’t push.

Sehun: It’s so dangerous, so what the hyungs have said earlier on, please keep order and we can do the performance enjoyable today. Thank you.

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vixx cutie edition: n

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